Posting YouTube Videos to Shaftly

Did you find some YouTube videos you’d like to post? You’ll be happy to know posting videos from YouTube to your Shaftly account is as easy as can be and there are two ways to do it. Now you’ll be able to collect and share your favorite videos all with ease.

2 Ways to Post YouTube Videos

As mentioned above, there are to two ways to post videos to your Shaftly account and both are super simple, so lets get into it so you go have some fun posting videos!

1. Using the Bookmarklet

By far the easiest way to get those videos over to Shaftly is by using our bookmarklet. Once you have it setup in your browser (takes 2 seconds literally) you can just click the “Shaftly Button” and it will pop right up for you to post. It’s so easy we’re talking basically 3 clicks of the mouse!

2. Copying and Pasting the URL on the Shaftly

This way of posting YouTube videos is easy as well! The only difference is you’ll need to visit, log in and then visit the submit/add page and finally paste the URL. It’s only a few steps and is great for those who don’t wish to use the bookmarklet.

Please Note: You can find the Shaftly Bookmarklet right on the submit or add pin page.

It’s as easy as that! With YouTube being such a fun website, we wanted to make sure that posting videos from there was as simple and intuitive as possible. Now get out there and share your favorite YouTube videos you sexy bastard!