Shaftly?Shaftly is an online community for gay men and others to express themselves in any way they see fit (sexually or not).

In other words it’s about having fun and being able to be yourself without restrictions!

We enjoy sharing our favorite things online and connecting with others that have similar interests, fetishes or even fantasies.

Every feature the community has to offer is free and compatible with all devices including but not limited to PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones — no apps needed!

Post & Share Your Favorites!

See a sexy video or a hot photo online that you don’t want to forget about or want to share with your friends? Post it directly to Shaftly and know it’ll be there waiting for you plus all your friends online can check it out too!

Submit Your Own Stuff!

Want to share a selfie or some pics of that hot session you had last week? Go for it! Best of all you can submit directly from all your devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone & More!

Interact with Others!

Get into it with all the social features you’ve come to love online. Leave comments for others, like their stuff, follow them to find out more and even repin/reblog their stuff right on to your own boards/blogs. To top it off you can share anything on Shaftly to Twitter, Reddit and more with a click.

Is Shaftly Difficult to Use?

Hell no! From the moment you register for your free account you’ll see how easy it is to get in on the fun. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Don’t like dealing with registration pages? Log right in with your Tumblr, Twitter or Yahoo account. No registration needed!