Marco Rubio Pledges to Overturn Marriage Equality

Looks like Marco Rubio is at it again but this time he’s pledging to overturn marriage equality and will appoint supreme court justices that will do just that.

According to a story ran by The Stranger, Marco was quoted as saying,

As I’ve said, that would be conceding that the current Constitution is somehow wrong and needs to be fixed. I don’t think the current Constitution gives the federal government the power to regulate marriage. That belongs at the state and local level. And that’s why if you want to change the definition of marriage, which is what this argument is about… It’s not about discrimination…

So now we have Rubio hating on gay marriage and Hillary having special guests at her fundraisers that are anti-gay — looks like we might as well vote for Trump.

At least we know that he could be convinced to do whatever we wanted if he knows it’s the “winning” thing to do lol