You may have noticed when submitting your stuff or posting from other websites that it asks you to select a “Board”, so we wanted to give you the low down on these things called boards.

What’s a Board?

A board is just another term for blog or folder where you can add your posts, submissions and anything else to. Just like folders on your computer, boards are used to organize your stuff and so everyone else knows what it’s about.

Example: You create a board called “Gay Pride Events” and add all your favorite events, articles and whatever else to it.

Now you can always find that info there and anyone else searching the community can find it and know what it’s about as well. Best of all you can create unlimited amounts of them to organize all your interests!

How to Create Boards

Creating a board or blog takes seconds! You can do it beforehand or on the fly when you are submitting stuff to Shaftly and both methods are easy as can be. Check out the steps below!

Step 1: Click the Add Board Icon

This is what the sweet icon looks like:Add a Board Icon

Step 2: Enter the Title & Pick Category

Add Board Final Step on Shaftly

Step 3: Click Add Board and You’re Done!