COMMUNITY-GUIDELINESShaftly is a community for open minded people to come together and have some fun but like with all things we need a few rules to keep it an awesome place to hang out.

Don’t worry there aren’t many :)


Adults Only: We are an adult website and you should be an adult if you’re on here. That means a legal over 18 (21) type of adult.

Illegal Stuff: This one is easy enough. If it’s illegal it doesn’t belong here.

Minors:  This community is for legal adults only. Only as in only!

Harmful Stuff: Don’t post nasty stuff. Shaftly is for hot stuff.

Bestiality, Blood & Necrophilia: We shouldn’t have to even point this out but don’t do it and go get help if you were going to — Please!

Spam and Deceptive Stuff: You can post anything you like even your own websites, blogs, social media accounts, advertisements or anything else so long as it doesn’t come across as pure spam and without any relevancy. We don’t ban accounts immediately for spam because everyone makes mistakes but repeat offenders will be.

Non-Attribution and Sources: Always give the credit to the source. Don’t steal stuff, that’s just not cool.

Cyber Stalking and Harassment: Don’t be a weirdo, creep, or anything else that could be considered stalker type stuff or harassment. If you wanted to, go seek professional help.

Water Sports, Closeups, Fisting etc: None of this type stuff is allowed. If it’s posted it will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned but please don’t make us do that because it sucks. Just keep it cool and have fun!

That’s the entire list of rules and that wasn’t too bad after all :)